How To Choose Your NY or VA Homebuilder

Getting a home built should be a lucrative investment and pleasant experience for you if things are done correctly.  When it comes to getting your home built correctly, there are some steps you can take to get a home builder you can trust.

The first thing you should do is figure out what kind of home you want to build and a have a clear vision of how you want to go about it. Once you have this down, the next step is to research builders that can meet your ideas and expectations.  Some home builders and contractors are bossy and have a certain way to go about doing things.  It’s important to find someone you like and who listens to you.  After all, you’re the one who will be living in the new home, not the builder.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that every builder has a niche or a style that is a hallmark of their company.  Some excel at certain things – like spacious interiors, high ceilings or curvy stairways – while others just hurry through the job as fast as possible to get paid.  For example; one builder may really good at building townhomes and not so good at detached homes, or vice versa. The reasons for this vary, but often it can be a function of their corporate culture .

So, how do you find the right builder for the job you have in mind? First, pull several builders in from the area and look through their portfolios.  Ask friends or colleagues, chances are somebody within your circle of influence has built a home within the last five years.  Study the work they have done.  Maybe even ask for a few names of other families whom they have built homes for.  Call a couple of past customers and ask how happy they are with their newly constructed home.

Next, call the National Association of Home Builders and get some names and numbers of more builders that you like and cross reference them with one that you already interviewed.  Never pick the first one – shop around!

Once you have narrowed down the home builders that you like the best, go through their credentials and look for information that you like and dislike. See how long they have been in business for.  Another important step that you can take to protect yourself from unscrupulous builders is to cross reference the name of the builder with the Better Business Bureau database to reveal any past problems. If you see no problems, then the prognosis should be okay.

You can also look to see if a particular builder has any special certificates or awards within their industry.  Awards can be a good sign that the builder takes pride in their work and is competitive.  Also check if they are members of any professional associations.

Following these guidelines are never a guarantee, but they will minimize the chances for contracting mishaps and will also let the home builder know that you are serious about getting your home constructed exactly the way you want it and with as few problems as possible.  Finding a good builder that you can trust will be one way to enjoy your home for a long time.

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