New Home Construction Rises To Highest Level In Years

On the back of a stabilizing real estate market, new home construction definitely appears to be on the rise with some of the most recent news, and it’s exciting to hear about. If you’ve recently applied for a new building permit, you’re not alone, as the number of people applying has hit one of the highest levels we’ve seen in quite some time, and it could be a certain sign that home construction is going to be on the rise very soon.

According to reports from, new building permits this year have reached the highest number since 2008.  It’s truly welcome news for markets and the industry, and “adds to signs that the U.S. residential housing market is stabilizing and signals that construction-related work will pick up in the coming months.”

That being said, if local markets in major metro areas are going to be signing more and more permits, if you’ve been thinking about building or buying a new home you’ll want to get your place in line now before prices start going up.

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